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Ricardo Energy & Environment has a rich track record of delivering groundbreaking air quality solutions – from the design and deployment of ambient air quality management networks to the development of informed air quality strategy and policy. Our MODUS software solution represents the culmination of over six decades of experience in a package that delivers state-of-the-art quality assurance capabilities. Our solution has been adopted by clients across the globe.

Measuring and managing air quality in Riyadh, the capital of Saudi Arabia

Issue. As a result of rapid development in its metropolitan area, the Saudi Arabian capital, Riyadh, is experiencing social and environmental sustainability challenges, including worsening air quality and associated health impacts.

Solution. To enable the ArRiyadh Development Authority to better understand how pollution was behaving in the city, and as a first stage in taking targeted steps to improve air quality, Ricardo Energy & Environment designed and developed a state-of-the-art, city-scale air quality monitoring network of 17 measurement stations with MODUS at its core. The system is providing a detailed picture of measured air quality across the capital in near real-time.

Benefits. The ArRiyadh Development Authority now has a detailed and high-quality understanding of air pollution in the city. These measurement data have supported the development of a city-scale model that is allowing detailed scenario analysis of potential pollution mitigation actions.


Providing quality assurance and quality control services to the UK’s national air quality monitoring network

Issue. The UK’s national air quality monitoring network compromise well over 100 air pollution measurements stations. The network provides data that are necessary to meet reporting obligations set out under European air quality directives including the need to disseminate near real-time air quality information to the public. As such, the network must deliver high-quality data that meet European standards.

Solution. Ricardo Energy & Environment has been managing all aspects of data quality assurance for the UK’s national air quality monitoring network for over two decades. MODUS provides the engine for our quality assurance system helping our team to measure, check and verify data 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. Final verified and validated measurement data are reported to the European Commission.

Benefits. The UK’s national air quality monitoring network data are regarded as being among the highest quality in the world – the procedures that the network adopts are recognised as representing best practice internationally. The provisional and validated data are widely used by a broad range of stakeholders to support air quality modelling and studies including large-scale programmes (such as the UK’s Modelling of Ambient Air Quality) and in the study of tropospheric ozone. The data are also used by European research agencies to advance regional understanding of air pollution.


City-level air quality management in Gibraltar

Issue.The Government of Gibraltar required an air quality management solution that ensures it meets exacting requirements of European air-quality legislation.

Solution. Working with the Gibraltar Environmental Agency, Ricardo Energy & Environment has developed a comprehensive air quality management system for Gibraltar that includes a combination of local air quality measurements, air quality modelling and policy development support. MODUS is the centrepiece of the measurement solution delivering high-quality data in near real-time, insightful data analysis and interpretation, and live data dissemination via a state-of-the-art website (

Benefits. MODUS has played an integral part in building a high-quality evidence base of air pollution in Gibraltar. The quality assured data have helped to clarify how different activities have contributed to concentrations of air pollutants, which has helped to inform the development of air quality policy for Gibraltar.


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