A dynamic solution for managing air quality data

MODUS is a state-of-the-art, modular platform for robust, reliable and effective management of air quality data. The MODUS system has been developed and proven in some of world’s most challenging air quality regimes. Developed by Ricardo Energy & Environment, MODUS benefits from over six decades of experience in the management and quality assurance of air quality data.


MODUS provides the air quality sector with an unrivalled suite of data management tools.

The system provides users with comprehensive workflow management tools covering all air quality data management tasks – from automatically importing data from measuring instruments in near real-time through to data scaling, validation and dissemination, including automated distribution to websites and mobile apps.

MODUS delivers powerful and user-configurable tools for data reporting, analysis and interpretation, all tailorable to the needs of specific stakeholders – be they city or board-level decision-makers, network managers or regulatory bodies.

MODUS ensures that data are available when they are required, where they are required and to defined quality standards. The system allows users to implement best practice quality assurance procedures, providing value and confidence in data – critical where air quality data are to be used to support decision-making or demonstrate regulatory compliance.

MODUS allows high volumes of data to be managed through real-time data analysis screens, custom workflows and user-configurable task-allocation options. This helps to ensure final datasets and associated analysis, reporting and interpretation are delivered to deadlines and defined quality standards, supported by a transparent audit trail.

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