Meet the team


Dr Stuart Ballinger 

Stuart Ballinger leads Ricardo Energy & Environment’s water consultancy and is responsible for the development and growth of this area of the business. His remit includes sustainable water management, covering areas such as integrated water resources management, water resources and drought management planning and water efficiency.

Stuart has significant experience directing, managing and delivering water related projects at Ricardo Energy & Environment. He has supported a range of public and private sector clients and has specialist knowledge in industrial and commercial water use, water policy and water efficient technologies.

In the past Stuart has led the development and delivery of a number of high profile water reduction initiatives, including the United Kingdom’s first voluntary water reduction commitment specifically for the food sector (the Federation House Commitment), the Big Splash and Rippleffect. Stuart has an excellent understanding of how businesses can improve their environmental performance and how it relates to the increasingly important CSR agenda. He is skilled at engaging businesses at Board and senior management level in order to develop environmental strategies and to demonstrate the business case for the environment.

Tel: +44 (0) 1235 753253


Matthew Hardwick

Matthew is a Principal Consultant and Ricardo Energy & Environment's Knowledge Leader for water. He is a chartered water and environmental manager (C.WEM, MCIWEM, CEnv) with over 13 years’ consultancy experience advising clients both in the public and private sector on managing the water environment. Matthew joined Ricardo Energy & Environment in March 2014 having previously been with a medium-sized engineering consultancy where he led a team of engineers and scientists, delivering projects for a broad range of clients both in the UK and internationally, as well as fulfilling a marketing and business development role.

Matthew has a technical background in Integrated Catchment Management, specialising in flood risk management, water policy and water resource planning. He has developed strategic responses that take into account natural processes and the interaction between land and water. Much of his work has been multi-disciplinary in nature involving hydrological, ecological, environmental legislation and policy-driven aspects.

In addition, Matthew has experience in research to support policy development, development of best practice, development of management strategies and their delivery through innovative approaches. He has authored and co-authored a large number of UK and international industry guidance and published papers relating to various aspects of sustainable catchment management.

Tel: +44 (0) 1235 753552


Richard Malloy

Richard Malloy is a Water Management Consultant with particular expertise in business water efficiency, water efficient technologies, drought management and policy review. As a Senior Consultant, Richard leads projects with businesses and public sector organisations across the UK. His work includes delivery of onsite audits to provide ‘best practice’ advice across a range of industry sectors to help improve their efficiency and minimise water use; ultimately delivering cost and resource savings, and wider environmental and corporate improvements.

Richard has recently managed the delivery of work for UKWIR to investigate the business and domestic impacts of the 2012 drought restrictions implemented in England and Wales. He has also helped deliver projects for Defra on water abstraction best practice, the economic benefits of retrofitting water efficient technologies, and currently manages the Water Technology List on behalf of Defra and HM Revenue & Customs.

Tel: +44 (0)1235 75 3183

Lisa Horrocks

Dr Lisa Horrocks

Lisa Horrocks is Ricardo Energy & Environment's Business Area Manager for adaptation and climate resilience. Originally from an academic research background in the earth and atmospheric sciences, Lisa now focusses on climate change impacts and adaptation policy.

Lisa supports the European Commission in studies related to the European Adaptation Strategy, which includes responses to flooding and water scarcity. Lisa recently led a large programme on adaptation capacity building among European cities. For the UK Government, she directed a programme of social research , which considered the barriers to organisations preparing for climate risks including water scarcity and flooding, as well as public perceptions of climate risk.

Lisa has led many other projects, exploring climate resilience in infrastructure sectors, and developing frameworks and indicators for monitoring impacts and adaptation.

Tel: +44 (0) 1235 753651

Noel Wheatley

Noel Wheatley 

Noel Wheatley is a Principal Consultant within Ricardo Energy & Environment’s water practice. He has wide-ranging knowledge of the water sector, the policy, regulatory and stakeholder landscape within which it operates and the challenges it faces. He has a particular interest in water quality issues, both in the environment and at tap, and has worked extensively on the impact of catchment management approaches in this context.

Noel’s experience ranges from leading on water quality, water resource and climate change issues for Ofwat, the economic regulator for the water companies in England and Wales, to leading water projects in Bulgaria, Turkey, South Africa and Kenya for the Environment Agency. He has also worked in government and for UK manufacturing industry associations.

His skills include the evaluation and development of policy and strategy, project leadership, and managing complex stakeholder relations.

Tel: +44 (0) 1235 753468

Hugh martineau

Hugh Martineau

Hugh is the agricultural Business Area Manager at Ricardo Energy & Environment and a farming production systems specialist. Hugh works directly with farmers and undertakes policy research on behalf of government departments across Europe.

As Business Area Manager, Hugh oversees delivery of agriculture projects relating to a range of subject areas but has particular interest in the environmental impact of agriculture activities on water quality. Hugh has led economic assessments and cost benefit analysis relating to measures to improve water quality and has been involved in providing advice to farmers on reducing pesticide and nutrient impacts on water quality.

Hugh has been involved with government advice programmes such as the Catchment Sensitive Farming Delivery Initiative (Natural England) and led the advice project for the Nitrates Action Programme (Environment Agency) and the Farming Advice Service (Defra).

Tel: +44 (0)1235 753652


Richard Smithers

Richard Smithers is Ricardo Energy & Environment’s Principal Consultant for Biodiversity & Ecosystem Services. He has worked in the environmental sector for 30 years and has led or input in to projects across the United Kingdom, Europe and internationally. He has wide-ranging experience of evidence and policy development, practical land management, community involvement and citizen science.

Richard is President of the International Association for Landscape Ecology (UK). His expertise lies in ecosystem-based approaches; assessing people’s impacts and dependencies on the natural environment and identifying means of reducing associated costs and amplifying benefits.

Richard led development of the England Biodiversity Strategy Climate Change Adaptation Principles and contributed to the UK National Ecosystem Assessment, UK Climate Change Risk Assessment, and Wetland Vision for England. He led a report on “Woodland actions for biodiversity and their role in water management” and has input on ecosystem services to Ricardo Energy & Environment’s appraisal of policy instruments to tackle agricultural pesticides entering watercourses.

Tel: +44 (0)1235 753615


Sarah Young

Sarah is a Principal Consultant with experience in project and stakeholder management for a range of public sector clients. She has an academic background in the assessment of water quality with practical knowledge of biological monitoring of freshwater and the detection of pesticides in drinking water, relating to the EU Drinking Water Directive.

Sarah currently leads a project for the Drinking Water Inspectorate (DWI) and Defra to understand the implications of a new EU Directive (Euratom) in relation to radon in drinking water for England and Wales. This is in collaboration with Public Heath England and the British Geological Survey. As well as leading the project and liaising with DWI, Sarah is responsible for engaging local authorities and water companies to obtain and analyse data on radon measurements in private and public water supplies.

Tel: +44 (0) 1235 753690

Mark broomfield BW

Dr Mark Broomfield 

Mark Broomfield is Ricardo Energy & Environment’s Business Area Manager for environmental impact assessments. Mark specialises in supporting and advising on planning applications and appeals and delivering environmental risk assessments. He has particular expertise regarding the use of hydraulic fracturing for shale gas developments.

Mark's strategic risk assessment work highlights the key water contamination risks and water resource issues associated with shale gas extraction and has been cited by United Kingdom's Department for Energy and Climate Change as an example of good practice. This work set the baseline for the European Commission and United Kingdom regulators' understanding of the key issues linked to environmental and health risks, control of methane emissions and legislative/regulatory issues.

Tel: +44 (0) 1235 753493