'LCA decision-making tools' webinar

Since this webinar took place, AEA Technology plc’s business, operating assets and employees were acquired on the 8 November 2012 by Ricardo plc and transferred to a new subsidiary, Ricardo Energy & Environment Ltd. All employees were transferred to Ricardo Energy & Environment Ltd as part of the acquisition and remain available for the execution of all projects via the new company, as are the entire capability and resources previously represented by AEA Technology plc. All individuals remained at previous locations with all offices being retained.

'LCA decision-making tools'

This webinar demonstrates an example of our web-based LCA tool's capabilities, in which we develop customized LCA models that enable organisations to investigate scenarios and sensitivities specifically tailored to their needs and interests.



    LCA is a tool that is being used more and more by successful companies to assess the environmental impacts of their processes, products and services from cradle to grave. If you have responsibility for understanding and reducing the environmental impacts of your business, or if you influence those that do, LCA can help you achieve your corporate sustainability goals.

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