Helping airports and airlines understand environmental impacts to enable future growth

The environmental impacts of aviation (noise, carbon emissions and air quality, etc) are constantly in the spotlight and present considerable challenges to airports and airlines around the world. Key issues for forecasting noise and air emissions at airports are fleet characteristics and how quickly new technologies will be introduced. This information is needed to be able to answer questions for future planning such as what will the aircraft noise and air emissions characteristics be, which types of vehicle will be operating on the surrounding roads, what options will there be for alternative fuels, how can the future impact of these emissions be reduced or which aircraft-engine combinations will be operating at the airport?

Ricardo Energy & Environment helps clients understand current impacts and how to mitigate them to enable more sustainable, competitive and profitable future growth. Managing all this successfully requires a trusted partner to resolve the challenges and maximise the opportunities, while maintaining competiveness.

For over 20 years, we have provided airports and airlines with unique technical insights to help them assess and mitigate their environmental impacts. We have detailed knowledge of aircraft and engine technology; a range of noise, emissions and dispersion models and involvement in international aviation industry forums resulting in insight into future industry developments. Ricardo Energy & Environment works with airports, airlines and airside operators at national and international levels.

In addition to the services listed below, Ricardo Energy & Environment also offers the following to Aviation clients:

  • Noise modelling, monitoring and reporting – we assess noise impacts, help mitigate their future impact and deliver internal reassurance in impact and monitored data that can provide confidence in publicly reported performance data.

  • Air quality emissions, dispersion modelling and monitoring – we assess air quality and emissions, provide advice about and manage any monitoring requirements, help mitigate future impacts and deliver internal reassurance in impact and emissions data that can provide confidence in publicly reported performance data.

  • Carbon trading – we help ensure clients comply with legislation, and minimise risks and maximise opportunities from their emissions profile through the CRC Energy Efficiency Scheme and the EU Emissions Trading System Phases.