Environmental economics

Environmental policies face increasing scrutiny, and in today’s economic environment, the decision making process is complex. It is important that clients are able to make informed decisions, based on quantitative and qualitative analysis of both the short - and long-term impacts. Compliance costs and regulatory burden must be weighed against green jobs and green growth. With increasing concerns about resource security, heightened interests in Government policy intervention, and momentum building behind closed-loop systems, the role of environmental economics cannot be underestimated.

The big issues

Economic analysis is concerned with the efficient optimisation of scarce resources, including water, energy, packaging, raw materials and even waste. Resource productivity will be one of the key determinants of economic success in the 21st century. Due to high and volatile resource prices over the last ten years, there is an essential need to explore new economic models. Nearly a third of profit warnings issued by FTSE 350 companies in 2011 were attributed to rising resource prices.

It is vital to seize the growth opportunities related to resource efficiency and the principle of a ’circular economy’. There is a well evidenced view that a shift to a circular economy will lead to increased growth, jobs and resilience and an annual cost saving opportunity of between £220bn and £400bn by 2025. Cradle-to-cradle products and services are designed so that after their useful life they provide value. It’s about how to thrive in a changing world - one where waste is no longer affordable.

Why Ricardo Energy & Environment?

Using a number of techniques Ricardo Energy & Environment provides detailed, timely and robust analysis. This analysis allows full understanding of the trade-offs and synergies between the environment and the economy, and the effect they have on a client’s business.

  • Ricardo Energy & Environment has a dedicated team of economists with proven track records in their specialist fields, who work with our technical experts to provide consultancy support and analysis to policy makers and businesses in the UK and overseas.
  • Ricardo Energy & Environment’s analysis is underpinned by a detailed understanding of the businesses and technologies concerned, ensuring our work is grounded by a practical appreciation of reality.
  • Ricardo Energy & Environment has extensive experience in the impact assessment of projects, policies and programmes across a broad range of environmental issues. Our work is carried out in accordance with relevant regional, national and international guidance.


Ricardo Energy & Environment can provide the following services in support of your environmental economics requirements:

  • Impact assessment.
  • Cost-benefit analysis.
  • Cost effectiveness analysis.
  • Waste system economics.
  • Environmental valuation.
  • Investment appraisal.
  • Evaluation and monitoring.
  • Options development and appraisal.
  • Multi-criteria analysis.
  • Sensitivity analysis.
  • Econometric analysis.
  • Ecosystem services assessment.
  • Environmental policy experience.
  • Economic analysis.
  • Behavioural economics.
  • Benefit transfer analysis.
  • Life-cycle assessment.
  • Policy instrument design.
  • Policy intervention research and robust business case development.



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