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Emissions Inventories

Air pollutants and greenhouse gasses have a damaging effect on health and the environment, can hold back economic progress and contribute to climate change. To tackle these threats, it is important that countries and industrial facilities are able to identify, quantify and understand atmospheric emissions. Compiling emission inventories is key to this. Emissions inventories can include a wide range of different sources as diverse as industrial installations, road transport and natural forestry sources. They can also be compiled at a wide range of different scales, typically being national, local or even site-specific in nature.

Helping you to manage your emissions

Whether you’re looking to develop a comprehensive national emissions inventory, understand key challenges and issues posed by atmospheric emissions, or need to build a regular reporting mechanism for your commercial operation, our experts can help.

We can provide you with a comprehensive understanding of your emissions, identifying and quantifying the key sources, and offering expert interpretation and advice. This can include the development of potential emissions mitigation measures. Our experience leading programmes such as the National Atmospheric Emissions Inventory for the United Kingdom ensures that we deliver solutions that comply with a wide range of international, national and legislative reporting requirements and requirements such as the, UNFCCC, UNECE and European Union’s E-PRTR.

Atmospheric emission services:

National emissions inventory development
Compiling emissions estimates for either specific sectors and pollutants or the overall development of national emissions inventories to meeting international methods (including UNFCCC, UNECE and EU) and national requirements. Our experts’ advice to international panels such as the IPCC, ensures that we deliver inventories that comply with international reporting obligations from the EU, UNFCCC, UNEP and UNECE
City emissions inventory development
Compiling emissions estimates specifically for cities using internationally recognised methods and protocols (such as the Global Protocol for Community Scale Greenhouse Gas Emissions and PAS2070). Further information on Ricard-AEA’s city inventory experience and expertise can be found within our cities pages.
Emissions mapping
Compiling spatially disaggregated emissions estimates and developing innovative GIS approaches to illustrate these. This includes creating intuitive web-based applications that enable users to view and interrogate emissions maps at a range of different resolutions.
Greenhouse gas inventories
helping clients accurately measure greenhouse gas emissions and comply with international requirements and formats. Click here for more information on our greenhouse gas inventories services.
Training, capacity building and expert review
We can provide you with training on compilation methods, gathering, analysing and managing data, developing inventory systems and frameworks and expert review of existing inventories.
Development of Mitigation Policies and Measures
Upon identifying key emissions sources and issues our experts can develop and quantify the impact of potential mitigation measures to minimise or reduce these in the future.
Pollutant Release and Transfer Register Reporting
developing a framework and compiling emissions estimates to report under this European Regulation.

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Our experience and expertise in emissions inventories

Ricardo Energy & Environment’s emissions inventories team has an international reputation for excellence and is widely regarded as a world-leading organisation in this field. In the UK, we lead the National Atmospheric Emissions Inventory and the Greenhouse Gas Inventory Programmes for UK Government (see www.naei.org.uk) and we are the designated National Inventory Agency. This provides emissions data to meet a number of the UK’s international reporting obligations (EU, UNFCCC, UNEP and UNECE), interpretation of data to provide input into policy formation and a wealth of data for regional government, local authorities and individual members of the public. This programme also involves mapping emissions sources. Through using and innovative Geographical Information Systems (GIS) we have developed spatially disaggregated emissions estimates at a 1x1km for the entire United Kingdom. We have also developed an interactive and intuitive web-based map enabling uses to view emissions in any location within the UK at a range of resolutions.

Our experts contribute to international working groups set up by the United Nations (UN) and the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC). The National Atmospheric Inventory holds the responsibility of co-ordinating the work of the UN’s Emission Inventory Task Force and co-chairs several of the European Projections Expert Panels. The Ricardo Energy & Environment emissions inventories team have also lead a number of crucial projects the European Guidebook that is followed by all EU and UNECE signatory countries for compiling emissions inventories (known as the EMEP/EEA Air Pollutant Emissions Inventory Guidebook). Five fully qualified UNFCCC Expert Reviewers are also members of Ricardo Energy & Environment’s inventories team. These experts participate in annual reviews of GHG Inventories and National Communications for many different countries on behalf of the UNFCCC. Similarly we also have expert reviewers who participate in the review of air pollutant inventories on behalf of the UNECE. Our depth of knowledge also encompasses sector-specific, pollutant, emission mapping, data management and emissions modelling expertise. Dedicated and internationally recognised experts lead each of these work areas within our inventories team.

Our expertise also spans beyond atmospheric inventories to cover multi-media emissions inventories for Persistent Organic Pollutants (POPs) and the European Pollutant Release and Transfer Register (E-PRTR).Since 2007 have been compiling estimates of historic emissions of POPs, on behalf of the UK Government, in order to meet the reporting requirements under the UNEP Stockholm Convention on POPs, the POPs Protocol of the UNECE Convention on Long-Range Transboundary Air Pollution and the EU POPs Regulation (EC No 850/2004). The current multi-media inventory for POPs includes emissions to air, water, land, product and residue.

The E-PRTR is an inventory and reporting system containing data on emissions to the environment from individual industrial facilities. All EU Member States are required to report emissions to the E-PRTR under the requirements of the E-PRTR Regulation (EC No 166/2006). The aim is to enhance transparency and public participation in environmental decision-making, as well as contributing to the prevention and reduction of pollution of the environment. We compile the UK’s submission to the E-PRTR.

In addition to compiling inventories we have provided capacity building in compiling emissions inventories to both developed and developing countries across the globe. This includes the provision of training on compilation methods, gathering and analysing data, developing national systems and frameworks and expert review of existing inventories. We therefore not only know how to develop inventories ourselves but also effective methods to help others and build capacity within and across organisations to achieve similar high quality outputs. Brought together within a single team this range of attributes means that Ricardo Energy & Environment are able to provide unrivalled capability, breadth of knowledge, specific expertise and range of deliverables in the area of atmospheric emissions inventories.

Read our emissions inventories project examples: 

PRTR   NAEI   Persistent Organic Pollutants (POP)

E-PRTR Data Quality Control and Reporting for the UK

Collating the UK’s national and local level emissions data in order to comply with the European Union’s E-PRTR obligation. 



The UK National Atmospheric Emissions Inventory

Developing and maintaining a national inventory of air pollutants and greenhouse gases for the UK that is reported to the UNFCCC, UNECE and EU. Also the cornerstone of policy development for mitigating greenhouse gas emissions. A project Ricardo Energy & Environment has run since inception, for over 30 years. 



UK’s Persistent Organic Pollutants (POP) Multimedia Emissions Inventory

Developing a comprehensive multimedia emissions inventory for a wide range of POPs for the UK in order to meet its commitments under the Stockholm Convention and to underpin development of mitigation policies. 


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Generation of emission inventories and inventory systems in Ireland

Developing an inventory system and building capacity in those institutions responsible for managing it into the future. Read more…