Climate Change & Sustainability

Monitoring environmental impacts and risks

Posted by Christine St John Cox, Ricardo Energy & Environment Business Area Manager on 24 March 2017

Why should you?

UK Government confirms non-financial reporting requirements for public listed companies with over 500 employees

Posted by Christine St John Cox, Ricardo Energy & Environment Business Area Manager on 23 November 2016

Have you picked up that there are new reporting requirements for companies starting from next year? In this article Ricardo Energy & Environment regulatory expert Christine St John Cox explains what you need to know about the upcoming Non-Financial Reporting Directive, and what your company can do now to support compliance.

HFC and global warming breakthrough through, another Montreal Protocol update!

Posted by Christine St John Cox and John Watterson on 27 October 2016

Without the volume of noise we see with other events, on October 15, 2016 an amendment to the Montreal Protocol was agreed rather quietly. This latest update looks to phase down the consumption of HFCs which are the GHG gases we use for refrigeration and air conditioning (AC). The agreement itself which is between 197 countries has the potential of limiting the rise of global temperatures by 0.50C by the end of the century. Pretty impressive by anyone’s terms.

United Nations Sustainable Development Goals – A responsibility for businesses?

Posted by Tim Rainbow on 11 October 2016

How the world looks in 15 years will be defined by the challenges it faces today, and what governments, businesses and individuals do to overcome them. Over the next 10 years, globalisation and urbanisation will continue to encourage greater demand for clean air and water, economic growth and sustainability – while navigating a backdrop of increased vulnerability to climate change and growing resource scarcity.

How green is my investment?

Posted by Robbie Epsom on 19 September 2016

Is green or sustainable investment finally becoming mainstream and how do investors know the difference between an actual green investment and greenwash? With a surge in green bonds, sustainability funds and BlackRock’s recent call on investors to ‘assess climate change impact’ – the question of 'how green is my investment?' is rising up the agenda.

What does the energy efficiency debate mean for your future energy strategy?

Posted by Christine St John Cox, Ian Behling on 12 September 2016

In September 2016, Ricardo experts Ian Behling and Christine St John Cox were invited to share their thoughts on what impacts the recent changes in UK energy efficiency regulation are having on industry in a Q&A for leading environmental and energy publication ENDS Report (read the full article). In this follow up piece, Christine and Ian take a deeper look into some of these issues, the risks and opportunities for industry and the steps businesses can take to stay compliant and enhance energy efficiency.

Making ECO work for Local Authorities

Posted by Paul Maryan, Ricardo Energy & Environment Managing Consultant on 5 September 2016

The Energy Company Obligation scheme is putting increased pressure on energy companies and local authorities to identify households at risk of fuel poverty. However, identifying households that need help is a complex and high cost process. Here, Dr Paul Maryan explores how the EDIS project is fostering collaboration between local authorities and energy companies, allowing energy providers to quickly and efficiently locate those most at risk.

What if your compliance with Article 8 falls short?

Posted by Chiara Essig on 1 September 2016

Article 8 of the EU Energy Efficiency Directive (EED) requires all European Member States (MS) to mandate high quality and cost-effective energy audits for all non-SMEs at least every four years.

Future energy management – it’s all going to get exciting!

Posted by Christine St John Cox, Ricardo Energy & Environment Business Area Manager on 30 June 2016

As if the current level of excitement in our lives is not enough, changes are afoot in the world of energy pricing which we should all be keeping a close eye on. And actually, with trillions being wiped of the value of our stock markets and companies taking a watching brief on trade, perhaps now is the time to take a look at future operational strategies and the optimising of cost.

Publication of the Government conversion factors for company reporting 2016

Posted by Christine St John Cox, Ricardo Energy & Environment Business Area Manager on 31 May 2016

The 2016 annual update of the UK Government conversion factors for company reporting (GHG conversion factors) has now been published! The factors generated by Ricardo Energy & Environment have been published since 2005 to help companies calculate greenhouse gas emissions or carbon footprints and report on them in their annual reports.

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