Ecosystem Services and Biodiversity

Healthy environmental ecosystems in and around cities provide a wide range of benefits, improving their liveability and helping to address a range of different challenges. For instance trees and plants can help provide cleaner air and mitigate the urban heat island effect, and wetlands and green spaces can reduce the risk of surface water flooding and erosion.

How can we help you?

Ricardo Energy & Environment’s experts can help you understand the role and value of these ecosystem services, including how they can be incorporated into sustainable city planning. We can provide support across a range of areas including urban landscape ecology, ecosystems-based approaches to adaptation and green infrastructure planning.

our services include:


  • • Ecosystems-based approaches to city planning and action plans
  • • Blue and Green Infrastructure
  • • Economic valuations of ecosystem services
  • • Vulnerability assessments of biodiversity
  • • Landscape ecology planning