Austerity revisited – to cut, to change or to charge

Posted by Bryan Mayne on 22 December 2016

Now six years since austerity first hit, the pinch is still being felt by local authorities. This is likely to be so for at least another five years or so – possibly far longer, depending on the impacts of Brexit. Some authorities have seen as much as 40% cut from their budgets. With Public Realm services placing one of the largest demands on local authority budgets, they have, understandably, been exposed to significant scrutiny and cost saving measures. It is not all negativity and gloom, however, with local authorities delivering innovation and efficiencies in response to the ever-tightening financial constraints.

Download the reportTwo years on from the launch of our CIWM austerity report,(Waste on the front line – challenges & opportunities’) we believe it is time to take another look at what actions local authorities have taken to realise further cost reductions, whilst maintaining a quality service. The decisions taken, whether to cut, change or charge, will be reviewed in our forthcoming webinar: Austerity revisited – to cut, to change or to charge?

Join us, 11am-12pm on Wednesday 11th January 2017, to learn more about the innovative actions that have been taken by various councils across the country, as they try to balance spending with their budget.

Hear more about activities such as:
  • Closing HWRCs
  • Charging for garden waste collections
  • Charging for street cleansing
  • Implementing extended waste collections
  • Joint working.

This webinar will be a great place to start if you’re needing to take action in response to reducing budgets. Take part in the webinar to find out more about how to implement various measures, and the impacts of each.

We will include some real life examples from officers such as Jim Perkins from West Sussex County Council who will give his perspective on actions his Council have taken to counteract austerity measures.

If you have a difficult decision to be made regarding balancing your budget, this is an event you can’t afford to miss. We look forward to having you join us on the 11th and helping to ease your budget issues.

Webinar: Austerity revisited – to cut, to change or to charge?


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