Circular Economy Strategy

The declining availability of many resources combined with growing demand for products is rapidly increasing global commodity prices. It is for this reason that many business leaders are turning to the circular economy as the commercial model for the future.

The circular economy is an ambitious vision for a smarter way of managing resources through new business models and new supply chain collaborations. It helps to secure businesses against risks such as resource scarcity, ultimately making supply chains more sustainable and competitive, and also demonstrates businesses’ social responsibility, minimising the environmental impact of products and services. The circular economy can also offer new business growth opportunities for organisations willing to innovate.

Broadly a circular economy strategy takes two forms, designing biological materials so they can re-enter the biosphere and building technical materials (i.e. minerals) in a way that can continue being used and re-used with minimal loss of quality and need for replacement.

Circular Economy Strategy starts with some basic questions for any business

  • Will my business still be able to do what it does today in 5-10 years’ time?
  • What are the key resource supply risks for my business?
  • What new business opportunities are there in the changing resource economy?

Why consider a Circular Economy Strategy?

  • Understand the risks and opportunities from tightening global resource restrictions
  • De-risk business in the long term
  • Develop new business opportunities and competitive edge in a resource-constricted world
  • Positive publicity
  • Environmental benefits such as avoided resource use and reduced carbon emissions.

Why come to Ricardo Energy & Environment?

We have a dedicated circular economy team in place to help our clients to apply a circular economy strategy to their business. With 400 consultants across a wide range of disciplines, we can build a bespoke project team to address the unique risks and opportunities faced by your organisation.

Ricardo Energy & Environment is also proud to be listed on the Ellen MacArthur Foundation's Circular Economy Network map:

Circular economy services

We can tailor a plan to suit your business involving some or all of:

  • Mapping and measuring how resources flow through your business
  • Identifying resource hotspots such as raw materials with supply risks
  • Identifying and assessing potential new business models, products and markets likely to thrive in the changing resource economy
  • Finding potential funding and partners to collaborate with to develop new business models
  • Communicating the positive messages relating to being a circular economy pioneer

 Some of our other services and tools that we can draw on to support this approach include:

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